Fort Wainwright 373 Warm Storage

ROLE: Sub Contractor
CLIENT: U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Alaska District
PRIME CONTRACTOR: Unit Company General Contractors
LOCATION: Fort Wainwright Alaska

Information about the project:

  • Design/Build Helicopter warm storage hangar for the US Army on Fort Wainwright, Alaska.  The 55,000-square-foot facility will hold seven helicopters with rotor diameters of less then 60 feet.
  • Direct bury utilities (water, sewer, steam and condensate) connect the facility to the post utility systems.  Steam is utilized to heat 50% Ethylene Glycol solution in shell and tube heat exchangers. 
  • Low-temperature (120F) glycol is circulated to the radiant floor in the hanger and to snow melt at the hangar door tracks.  High temperature glycol (180F) is circulated to the high bay unit heaters and pre-heat and heat coils in the heat recovery ventilators that provide ventilation for the facility.  
  • Catwalks are installed in the hangar to allow access to the high bay unit heaters, ceiling fans, and fire protection foam generators for maintenance. 
  • A sewage lift station in the janitor’s closet collects the drains from the two bathrooms, janitor’s sink, door track drains, and the trench drain in the middle of the hangar.
  • Emergency showers and hot/cold hose bibbs are located around the perimeter of the hangar. 
  • Domestic hot water for the sinks, emergency showers, and hose bibbs is generated by an instantaneous steam hot water generator.