F-22 Hanger Bristol Environmental

ROLE: Mechanical Contractor
CLIENT: JBER Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment
PRIME CONTRACTOR: Bristol Environmental

Information about the project: This project was to expand and upgrade F-22 Fighter Town East’s infrastructure and utility systems, and also construct a taxi-way, taxi lanes, and apron providing access to new facilities in support of the F-22A “Raptor” fighter aircraft. The primary project encompassed 43 acres of the southeast quadrant of the North/South runway and involved the upgrade, expansion, and design of utility and communications infrastructure. This project also had a zero-accident rate and won a Safety Performance Award from the USACE Alaska District.


As the mechanical contractor on site our duties include:

  • Domestic Water System
  • Hydronic Heating and Snow Melt Systems
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Extensive commissioning